EMU OIL 750mg 90 Gelcaps


Emu Oil Gel Capsules

• Contains essential fatty acids: Omega 3,6 & 9
• Supports heart, joint, skin & brain health
• Emu® Oil Capsules
• 45% more effective than unprocessed Emu Oil
• Free range, fully refined Emu

What Is Emu Oil?

Centuries ago, Australian Aborigines discovered an incredible superfood—packed with heart-healthy essential fatty acids— it’s Emu Oil, and it’s unlike any other ingredient. Ancient Australians quickly found that Emu Oil was a beneficial part of a balanced diet, as it supported energy, skin health and heart health. Over time, individuals around the world began to discover the unique benefits of Emu Oil, and today it is one of the most cultivated beauty and health ingredients.

Why Use EMÜ® OIL?

EMÜ® OIL is fully refined under the most stringent refining guidelines, and is proven to be 45% more effective than unprocessed Emu Oil. As a rich, balanced source of essential fatty acids omega oil 3, 6 & 9, Emu Oil supports heart, vascular joint and brain health. The Emu Oil Capsules also contain Omega 7, which assists in healthy digestion and rejuvenates skin.


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